One more tests positive in Karnataka,total cases rise to 15

Bengaluru: A 35-year-old man from Kodagu, who had returned from Dubai, tested positive for coronavirus on Thursday, taking the total number of cases to 15 in Karnataka, the state health department said.

Two out of 15 patients, who were undergoing treatment and have recovered will be discharged on Friday, Medical Education Minister K Sudhakar said.

According to the bulletin issued by the health department, till date 15 COVID-19 positive cases have been reported in Karnataka including one death.

It said 14 COVID-19 positive patients are in isolation at designated hospitals and are stable.

The patient who tested positive on Thursday is from Kodagu and had returned from Dubai on March 15 to Kempegowda international Airport here and travelled to Kodagu by bus the same day.

He was admitted to the designated hospital at Kodagu on March 17 and samples collected the same day, the department said.

As per the bulletin, total samples collected for testing were 1,143, and on Thursday alone 75 were collected.

A total of 915 samples reported negative, 46 on Thursday alone.

“One good news is two patients who had tested positive and were undergoing treatment at our hospitals, have completely recovered, they will be discharged tomorrow.

They have fully recovered, as per protocol within 24 hours a patient will be tested twice, if results are negative both times, they can be discharged,” the minister said.

Calling it a good sign, he further said people should understand that COVID-19 infection does not mean death, those infected can recover and go home.

“There is no need to panic..but precaution is necessary,” he said.

Referring to some pubs still functioning despite instructions that these centres should remain shut, the minister said they should down shutters or else action will be taken in accordance with law and may even lose license.

“Home Minister and Excise Minister have been requested to ask officials to act on those who are not following the directives,” he said.

Sudhakar also said religious leaders and organisations have been requested to bar pilgrims or people from visiting religious places, where large number gather.

Noting that marriages and functions with large number of people in attendance are still taking place, he appealed to the public to postpone such events or in case of unavoidable situation, restrict the number to 100-150 people.

Also, public have been advised to visit government offices, only if necessary, he added.

At Kalaburagi, where the country’s first coronavirus death was reported on March 10, the district administration has clamped prohibitory orders under section 144of the CrPC that bars assembly of more than four people.

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