High Court of Rajasthan adjourns matter after lawyer appears in Baniyan during video conference

Report By Annie Mathew | Bengaluru | Last Updated at April 28 2020

The court has spotted that during the pandemic where court operating is done through video conferencing The incident occurred on Friday as a lawyer, Ravindra Kumar Paliwal, appeared before Justice Sanjeev Prakash Sharma during a video conference in a baniyan.

Order sheet

The lawyer was appearing for his counsel Lalaram. Justice Sharma was quick to express his displeasure over the attire of the petitioner’s lawyer. On the request of the Public Prosecutor, Justice Sharma adjourned the matter to May 5.

The application from High Court issued that lawyers must appear in complete uniform. Even through video conferencing a proper decorum of the Court is needed to be sustained. 

The advocates Act issues for lawyers to wear complete uniform while requesting case for their clients. Keeping in field of vision that the petitioner’s counsel was not in proper uniform, the matter is adjourned.

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