Students of Gopalan School of  and Planning give a city’s government hospital a unique make over

One of the preferred hospitals 8 Students of Gopalan School of and Planning give a city’s government hospital a unique make over for the locals in indiranagar is Sir CV Raman General Hospital.The hospital is always crowded with people patients and the attendants those who are make to sit or forced to sit on steps or outside.For these reason 8 students of the prestigious Gopalan School of Architecture who observed this and decided to give it a makeover and the waiting patients and attendants.
A team of eight students from Gopalan School of Architecture and Planning headed by Narendra P Reddy and Jenisha R Shah has taken this responsibility of converting waste space into a public utility and landscaped garden.Instead of wasting a lots of many on this students of this school decided to try in a unique way.They collected the discarded and recyclable items like tyres , bottles,ropes,cycle rims and other items and created a mini park with seating facilities.This park is not providing the seats but is also giving out message to the entire Bangalore as to how one can redesign a particular place with discarded items.A students have proved that one can make wealth out of waste.The students also have cleaned whole area,created a pathway ,a small pool,and also a play area for kids to enjoy.This was designed to provide shelter and leisure sitting space for hospital visitors.This design was aimed at using low cost, recycled materials for the building of outdoor furniture.This project was executed by students with the budget of Rs 10,000 from the management of Gopalan Foundation.
This project has won accolades not just from the patients visiting the hospital but also from the NASA (National Association of Students of Architecture) which has a membership of more than 10,000 students of Architecture.
This work shortlisted as one of the 100 entries from a total of 380 entries.This project was mooted by the Dean GSAP prof. K.V Krishna Murthy who motivated and guided them and supported by dynamic principal Dr. S. Satish.
Reported by Sonali, Sirisha, Presenta and Elizabeth

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