Zameer Ahmed Karnataka housing and minorities welfare minister statement on increasing the loan amount for minority from ₹3 lakh to ₹5 lakh

Karnataka Housing and Minorities Welfare Minister Zameer Ahmed Khan has said that the government is thinking to increase the loan amount given to meritorious minority students from three lakh to five lakh rupees. Speaking after launching the schemes for the year 2023-24 formulated by the Karnataka Minorities Development Corporation(KMDC) on Tuesday, Zameer Ahmed Khan said “At present, the KMDC was giving a loan of ₹3 lakh to those students who have taken the MBBS admission under the government quota, and that amount may be increased to ₹5 lakh. This would help the economically weaker students to pursue higher education.”

Zameer Ahmed Khan also mentioned that minority students studying abroad may also get a hike in the loan amount.

“ ₹20 lakh education loan being given to the minority students who study abroad in the recognised universities to pursue degree and post-graduation. It may be hiked to ₹30 lakh with the help of KMDC. In the last three years, the state was not getting the National Minority Development Board schemes but after holding a meeting, now we are getting the annual grant of ₹50 crore,” he added.

Minorities Welfare Minister, officially launched ₹3 lakh subsidy for the unemployed to buy four-wheelers, the ShramaShakti to impart training in skill development and ₹50,000 loan scheme for the widow, unmarried and divorced ladies.

Minorities Welfare Department Secretary Manoj Jain, Director Jilani Mokashi, and KMDC Managing Director Mohammed Nasir were also present.

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