wrestlers protest abandoned: fight will continue in the court, not on streets anymore

A span of six months after they had sat on a Dharna in Delhi’s Jantar Mantar accusing the sideline wrestling Federation of India (WFI )chief Brij Bhusan Sharan Singh of sexually harassing female tusslers .

wrestlers have called off their protest There was a statement been circulated on social media, the protesting wrestlers have mentioned that they will continue fighting the battle against Singh not on the streets but in “the court”. to add on to the election of WFI‘s new president and executive committee which is scheduled to be held on 11th July. The tusslers have mentioned that they will wait for the implementation of guarantees made by the government.

“ Delhi police completes investigation based on FIR filed by 16 tusslers and filed a charge sheet on 15th June. This fight will now continue in the court and not on the streets, until Justice is delivered to us”. The protesting wrestlers , a statement is issued on Sunday, 25th July.”

Further mentioning, to add on the statement “In terms of wrestling Federation of India’s reformation, The election procedure has started in accordance with the promises.

The election is scheduled for 11th July, and we will wait for the implementation of assurances made by the government. In this regard”.

The Delhi police has filed 1500 page chargesheet against Singh, booking the sideline chief for offences under section 354, assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage, her modesty, 354, a sexual harassment, 354 D stalking IPC, will POCSO charges Levied against Singh were quashed keeping in the statement from a minor tussler.

Also WFI suspended assistant secretary,Vinod Tomar additionally been booked under sections 109 , 506 .

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