Woman sells house to get brother killed

The Kengeri police, on Thursday, arrested a 45-year-old woman who sold her house to pay her neighbour to murder her elder brother, as she was unhappy with his decision to allow her daughter to marry a man she did not approve of.

The neighbour, Mumtaz, 28, who took the ‘supari’, was also arrested along with three labourers she had hired to get the job done. The police unravelled the plot while investigating the murder of Rajshekhar, who was killed on June 22.

According to the police, earlier this month, Gouramma got her daughter engaged to Chandrashekhar, who owns a small bakery. As she does not have a husband, she sought the help of her elder brother, Rajshekhar, a wall painter, to take charge of the engagement and wedding ceremonies.

“Her daughter, a second PU student, and started meeting Chandrashekhar regularly. But, after some time, Gouramma decided to break the engagement, as she was having second thoughts about Chandrashekhar. By then, the two wanted to get married. They approached Rajshekhar who promised that the wedding would take place,” a police officer said.

Gouramma tried to convince Rajshekhar against the marriage, but failed. She allegedly decided to stop the marriage by eliminating her brother. She explained her problem to Mumtaz, who agreed to help her and demanded ₹3 lakh to get the job done. According to the police, Gouramma sold her house to raise the money.

Mumtaz allegedly hired three construction labourers — Munna, 22, Mohammed Ladle, 19, and Sadiq, 19 who hail from Raichur and West Bengal. According to the police, they would frequent the eatery where she worked. They have also been arrested, said the police.

Last Saturday, the trio called Rajshekhar to offer a paint job. “They took him to a dilapidated house in Vishweshwaraiah Layout at Kengeri and stabbed him to death before fleeing from the spot,” said the Kengeri police.

Soon after Rajshekhar’s death, Gouramma announced that the marriage would have to be delayed for one year as per family custom.

During the course of their investigation, police identified Mumtaz as a possible suspect, but by then she had gone into hiding.

A team led by Inspector Ramappa B. Gutter found that she had obtained a new SIM card to organise the hit so that the crime could not be traced to her. After obtaining the new phone number, the police began to analyse the call records and tracked her down. Based on information given by her, they arrested the three labourers.

All five accused have been booked for murder and were remanded in judicial custody.

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