White House Unfollowed Modi on Twitter, Why America’s Attitude Changed in Just Few Days?

New Delhi: The White House has unfollowed Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President Ram Nath Kovind and the Prime Minister’s office.

White House is the residence of the US President. The Twitter handle has over 21 million followers. It has also unfollowed the Twitter handle of the Indian Embassy in USA.

Three weeks ago, PM Modi became the only world leader followed by the official Twitter handle of the US administration.

White House then followed 19 Twitter handles and all non-American accounts were Indian. Now it follows 13.

The rare move by White House to follow PM Modi on April 10 was viewed as a reflection of the bonhomie and good rapport shared by the Prime Minister and US President Donald Trump.

Their last interaction was over the export of hydroxychloroquine, which the US wanted for its fight against coronavirus.

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