Vishal Dadlani Slams Prime Minister Narendra Modi Over His Claim Of Hanging Rapists, Calls It A Lie

Rapists are being “hanged within three days, seven days, eleven days and a month” under his administration, said Prime Minister Modi, as quoted by ANI, and it kicked up a storm on social media.

At the Youth Conclave on Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said this and he was immediately attacked by a lot of people for his blatant lies concerning the speed of trails in rape cases.

Singer composer Vishal Dadlani, who was also the judge of Indian Idol, was one of those who called out Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Criticising Modi, he called his statement a lie.

“Lie. Name one rapist who has been hung in your term, Sir. Nirbhaya’s rapists, Asifa’s rapists, even Unnao child-rape-accused BJP MLA Sengar are still alive and well,” he tweeted

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