Visakhapatnam Gas leak reports

Report By Aroona Banerjie | Bengaluru | Last Updated at May 07 2020

Reported live from Visakhapatnam today morning (Thursday, 7th May’ 2020) there was a horrific and tragic gas leak in LG Polymers Industry at RR Venkatapuram near Naiduthota area, which is close to Gopalapatnam, which caused the sudden death of 10 people- including one senior citizen and an 8-year-old girl. The chemical plant based in Vizag, leaked harmful gasses, causing over 5,000 people to be sick due to the fumes.

According to reports, PM Narendra Modi, spoke effectively to the Union home ministry and National disaster management Authority, to take control of the situation in Visakhapatnam and take adequate measures. The local police got into action and rushed to the area immediately and launched the sudden evacuation of the locals. 

According to the tolls, about 128 people from Venkatapuram and the surrounding areas have been evacuated and admitted to KG hospital. There are reports of 98 people who have recovered, but the death toll might not rise as the doctors are taking hold of the situation. The district collector of the region V Vinay Chand, immediately went over at the spot and thus, is closely monitoring the situation and ensuring the provision of oxygen support to the ones facing issues. 

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