Virtual sexual harrasment??

Virtual sexual harrasment?? Women gangraped and attacked in meta verse minutes after joining the virtual world

A British mother of four recently came forward with accusations that she was virtually groped during an attack by “three to four” male avatars inside Meta’s metaverse.

Nina Jane Patel, 43, wrote in a Medium blog post in December that within 60 seconds of joining a lobby inside the metaverse—created by Meta, formerly known as Facebook—she was verbally and sexually harassed by a group of male avatars.

In the post, the mother of four recounted watching her avatar get groped and “virtually gang-raped.” She remembered it being so horrible that she was unable to react fast enough.

She details watching her avatar get sexually assaulted by a handful of male avatars, who took photos and sent her comments like “don’t pretend you didn’t love it.”
“It was surreal. It was a nightmare,”

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