Residents of Varthur have revived their request for the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) to introduce mini-bus services connecting Balagere to the Outer Ring Road (ORR), Kadubeesanahalli, Whitefield, and ITPL during peak They have noted that apartments such as Sobha Dream Acres in the area have close to 4,000 flats, housing more than 7,000 people – many of whom use their private vehicles or other modes of transport such as autos or cabs as a reliable public transport system is not available in the locality.hours.

Residents had earlier requested the BMTC to run services from 7-11 am with a frequency of 30 minutes and return trip services from 4-10 pm, with a halt time spanning 1-2 minutes. If implemented, residents say that a majority of private vehicle users will be encouraged to make a shift to public transport. The phenomenon would naturally reduce the number of private two and four-wheelers plying on roads, decreasing the level of congestion and traffic. They have also noted that the mini-bus services would ensure women, children, and the elderly among other groups have a safe travel.

Abhijith Lodh, a resident of the apartment and an IT employee requiring travelling to his workplace on the Outer Ring Road, said that the mini-bus service would definitely receive a positive response as the current condition of traffic congestion in the area is unbearable. He noted that residents have consistently complained of the Panathur Railway Underbridge (RUB) and the area surrounding the Varthur Police station being a gridlock, despite multiple follow-ups with relevant authorities.

People from Varthur, Panathur, and Gunjur take the same route through Balagere road leading to congestion, he explained. The narrow Panathur RUB is infamous for being flooded even after small spells of rain, restricting the smooth flow of vehicles as it can accommodate only a single four-wheeler at a time.

“The BMTC need not provide their services through the day but only during the hours that will be convenient to office goers. Since commoners do not have any other option, they are choosing to travel in their private vehicles or using autos. If the shuttle-like services are introduced, the congestion may see a significant decrease,” he said. Another resident from the apartment complex said, “There has not been any action on this request to BMTC, even though this is a solid case to help decongest the city and get more people to use BMTC service.”

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