Vaishnavi Group Joins Hands with Katerra to Bring Revolutionary Next-Gen Technology in Housing.

Report By Noor Zahira | Bengaluru | Last Updated at Sep 07 2019
Vaishnavi Group has joined hands with Katerra, a technology-driven offsite construction company to introduce next generation housing construction technology. With the implementation of integrated offsite manufacturing technology and the concept of DFMA (Design for manufacturing and assembly), Vaishnavi Group can now ensure:

  • 50% faster completion time

  • 90% factory-finished elements including all in-built mechanical, electrical and plumbing services

  • 100% offsite manufactured bathroom pods dropped onsite for easy plug and play

  • Close to 40% reduction in pollution through minimised vehicular movement

  • Close to 29% material conservation, water saved through steam curing, design efficiency and factory planning to reduce material usage at construction site.

With Yelahanka being an upcoming growth hub, the infrastructural development currently underway will only serve to make this project a winning proposition for a home buyer. Mr. Nejeeb Khan, the Head – Design & Brand Strategy, Asia & Middle East, Katerra, said, “Our teams have worked to design, engineer, factory-manufacture and assemble high-quality housing, built offsite, eliminating many of the common problems associated with traditional on-site construction.

Vaishnavi Serene will showcase Katerra’s unique technology. This project is adjacent to the lush green CRPF Campus in Yelahanka. The project comprises 896 apartments in configurations of 1, 2 & 3-bedroom apartments ranging in size from 635 sq.ft to 1118 sq.ft.

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