Unique Robot To Make Painting Zero Risk Profession


:A painter lost his life when he fell from top of building while painting . In fact, year after year, many painters are losing their lives during their job and there has been no single safety tool for them. For the first time in the country , four final year mechanical engineering students from the prestigious Gopalan college of engineering and management have come up with the first of it’s kind ” SEMI AUTOMATED WALL PAINTER”. This tool can be used by commoners like you and me who can also paint our own walls at home and then painting would look like a professional one.The college had taken the project to Belgaum exihibition where they got best project award for their innovation.
Dr Shivashankara ( M.Tech ) who has guided the students on this project said that the robot uses scissor lift mechanism for vertical movements and rope drive for horizontal movements. A paint spraying system with adjustable pressure and nozzle has been equipped.
Anil Kumar R, a final year engineering student at the same college said that they had done extensive work through field survey and also trial and error methods. R Shreyas, who is part of this project said that the best part about their innovation is that it completely eliminates human risk. Devaraj Shekar P had said that we can easily increase the height of the mission, it can go up to 10 feet in height. Vivek M N said , ” our project also focuses on domestic purpose a person with a minimum knowledge of painting can use this machine for painting the walls and structures as good as a professional painter”
Gopalan group’s director C Prabhakar said, “Basically we had an idea to incorporate automation in field of construction and hence our students find one of the key areas in construction painting”. The college had supported the students in many ways to invent this robot. All credits go to the students and the Director Dr.C.Prabhakar, Principal Dr.A.A Powly Thomas and Mechanical HoD Mrs.Fathima Parveen , for supporting the students.
By Pricipal Dr.A.A Powly Thomas
Reported by :Sirisha,Sonali,Presenta and Elizabeth.

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