Unable to pay credit card bills, man jumps to his death

In her statement to police, the wife of the victim said her husband had several credit cards of different banks and had a loan of Rs 8 lakh on his head

Unable to pay his credit card bills, a 35-year-old man allegedly committed suicide by jumping off the terrace of a building in Shahdara’s Jagatpuri area, police said on Thursday.

On Monday at around 3 am, Suresh Kumar took his minor daughter along and went to the terrace of the building. Holding his daughter in his hands, he jumped from there, police said.

His wife was following him and when she saw it, she also jumped off the terrace, they added.

While Kumar, a resident of Jagatpuri, died, his wife Manjeet Kaur (31) and daughter (4) sustained injuries, police said.

In her statement to police, Kaur said her husband had several credit cards of different banks and had a loan of Rs 8 lakh on his head, they said.

He was under stress as the banks kept calling and texting him everyday to pay the amount, she told police.

Police was informed by the family’s neighbours after they saw the trio lying on the road.

They were rushed to GTB hospital where Kumar was declared brought dead. The girl suffered fractures to both of her legs, police said.

When Kaur jumped from the terrace, she hit an electric wire which broke her momentum and due to which she received minor injuries, a senior police officer said.

Kaur was not fit for the statement till Wednesday. Now her condition as well as that of her daughter is stated to be stable, police said.

Kumar’s body was handed over to his family members after post-mortem, they said.

Kumar was working in a private company in Gurgaon, police said.

The family lived on the ground floor of the building. The house belongs to Kaur’s father, who lives in Punjab, they said.

A case under IPC section 307 (attempt to murder) has been registered, police said.

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