Twisting facts will not alter history related to Tipu: Rai

Except for an attempt by a Bharatiya Janata Party activist to enter the venue, the Tipu Jayanti was celebrated in a peaceful manner at the Zilla Panchayat auditorium here on Friday.

The police were in good numbers at the function venue. Apart from the main entrance, the police were placed on the narrow roads leading to the auditorium. While private vehicles were made to park outside the venue, only government vehicles were allowed to the function venue. When BJP district minority unit president Franklin Monterio made an attempt to break the cordon, the police took him into custody and released him later in the day.

Inaugurating Tipu Jayanti, district in-charge Minister B. Ramanath Rai said that he was pained over the way Tipu Sultan was being decried. Mr. Rai said that Tipu Sultan has protected several temples and has been a symbol of communal harmony.

Mr. Rai said that historians in the past have stated facts and mentioned events related to Tipu Sultan without adding any colour. It was unfortunate that historians now are trying to twist facts and show Tipu Sultan in a bad light. “History always remains history, even when attempts are made to twist it,” he said. Taunting State BJP B.S. Yeddyurappa, Mr. Rai said, “Those who wore turbans and held swords in the past were now opposing Tipu Jayanti.”

Writer Arvind Chokkady said that Tipu Sultan fought hard against the British and refused to accept slavery. It was Rani Abbakka who first raised voice against slavery between 1525 and 1570. Tipu Sultan carried the fight against the British to greater heights during his rule, more so between 1792 and 1799.

The Ancient Times

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