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Troubled with life, man seeks permission for mercy killing

Report By Shivani Baddi | Christ College Student Bengaluru | Last Updated at May 14 2019

Pune: A 35-year-old man, from Pune, Maharashtra wrote a letter to the Maharashtra chief minister, Devendra Fadnavis’ office, seeking permission for euthanasia.

The youth was supposedly upset about his life due to an unstable career and lack of any marriage prospects.

The police said that, in the letter that was sent, about 15 days ago to the chief minister’s office, the man had written about his ailing mother who is now 70 years old and his father who is 83 years old.

“The youth is well educated and is from a well to do family.

He felt that he is not able to do anything for his parents.

We counselled him”.

A senior police officer said.

He later added by saying that “He’s okay now”.

Police said that the youth loves his parents and was not frustrated just because of marriage.

After a little counselling, the youth was completely okay, the police reassured.

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