Tribute to Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee by Swadeshi Sangha on the occasion of 65 Martyrdom day

Swadeshi sangha is the brain child of few nationalist IT professionals of Bangalore, for fostering nationalism and patriotism among the working professional of cosmopolitan Bangalore.
The seed of the swadeshi sangha was planted on 23 June 2017, on an evening on the occasion of ‘Paschimbanga Diwas’(westbengal day) celebration. By the grace of lord ganesha, swadeshi sangha was born on the auspicious day of ganesha chaturthi on 25 August 2017 in karnataka, in scared lap of bharatmata. In the map of Akhanda Bharat, karnataka appears to be of mahabharthi.

On that day, four motivated swadeshi citizen of mahabharthi, Shri himadri das, Shri Babhabun gosh, Mr.N. Sheshadri and Shri jairajan, celebrated the ganesha chaturthi festival under the first banner of

swadeshi sangha, in HSR layout sector Bangalore.

About150 people joined the function and below 15 years had taken part in cultural and paintings.

From the day the journey of swadeshi sangha

started with small steps to build a vibrant and awakend society of MaaBharathi and successfully, moving towards its goal -ARISE, AWAKE and stop not till the goal is reached “

Dr Syama Prasad mookerjee, the founder -president of the bharatiya Jana sangh ,attained martyrdom in 23 rd June 1953.he was found dead under mysterious circumstances in Srinagar central prison.

To mark the 65 th martyrdom of Dr. Syama Prasad mookerjee, swadeshi sangha was organized talk by eminent personalities in Bangalore on Sunday 24 th June 2018 at Bharatiya vidya bhava staring at 8:30am.

A seminar on

Challenges on nationalism and strategies to counter them.

Struggle of nationalist forces in the current socio-political scenario in the states of westbengal and Kerala.

Chief guest

Dr Vinay sahasrabuddhe

National V. P. BJP

President of ICCR

(on Skype)

Dr Anirbangangyly ganguly

Director SPMRF

Member of CABE

Dr sambit patra

National spokes person, BJP

Former FTII chairman

Mr GAJENDRA chauhan

Will grace this event..

In 24 th June 2018 8:30 am

Bharatiya vidya bhawan 43,race course road

Bengaluru -560001

Organised by Swadeshi sangha bengaluru.

Free entry

For registration, please contact :

9742410410, 9903800175, 9620206218.

Or email us at :,

Website : https://swadeshisangha. Com

«Arise ,awake and stop not till the goal is reached “

-swami vivekaanada

Reported by

Nalini babu and Keerthana M.

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