Inter-state travel and the tangled web of rules and regulations around it – passes, navigating through the Seva Sindhu app, quarantine (home or institutional) is all a thing of the past.

Following the Centre’s directive, the State Government has now allowed free movement of traffic at inter-state borders. As per the new order, there will no requirement of any registration on the Seva Sindhu app or any medical check-up/ screening at the receiving centres.

There will be no categorisation and no hand-stamping as well. The government has also done away with the mandatory 14-day quarantine along with isolation and testing.

lf travellers are asymptomatic on arrival, they can report to work or perform their activities in the State, without any requirement of 14-days of home quarantine. However, they shall self-monitor their health for 14 days from the date of their arrival for any symptoms of covid-19 like fever, cough, cold, throat pain, difficulty in breathing, etc and immediately seek medical consultation without fail or call the Apthamilra helpline 14410.

lf travelers are symptomatic on arrival, they shall immediately self-isolate and seek medical consultation without fail or call Apthamitra helpline 14410.

Earlier in the day, Bangalore Mirror did a test drive at the Attibele border which is the gateway to Bengaluru from the South. As has been the practice, a quarantine check-post continues to function just before the toll booth. A few personnel have been manning the roads where they try to intercept the vehicles asking for details. Then, the vehicles (mostly cars) are asked to take a U-turn and park on the other side. Passengers have to walk towards the check-post, show their documents, get their hands stamped and then head to their destinations. The checking is not too strict as two-wheelers are allowed to go.

Centre’s guidelines
Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla’s note to the Chief Secretary states, “There shall be no restriction on inter-state and intra-state movement of persons and goods. No separate permission/approval/ e permit will be required for such movements. These include movement of persons and goods for cross land border trade under treaties with neighbouring countries. It has, however, been reported that local level restrictions on movement are being imposed by districts/ states… Such restrictions amount to violation of the guidelines by the Home Mininstry under provision of the Disaster Management Act.”

The Ancient Times

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