Transgender man gives birth in uk

A transgender man in the UK gave birth to a girl and shared that he wants trans people to know it is OK to carry a child. 27-year-old Caleb Bolden stopped taking his gender-transitioning medications in January last year when he decided to carry his baby. He shared that he faced horrible comments from strangers while he was pregnant, but he loves being a father now and plans to have another baby.

Caleb started transitioning six years ago, around the same time when he first started trying for a baby with his 25-year-old partner Niamh Bolden with the help of a sperm donor, reported Metro UK.

Since then, Niamh has experienced three miscarriages and a stillbirth of twins in 2019. Following further examinations, doctors eventually informed them it was not possible for her to conceive as her eggs were immature.

Her private fertility treatment would have cost around £70,000 (more than ₹7 lakh). That is when Caleb made the decision to get pregnant.

He stopped his daily testosterone injections and found a sperm donor on social media. He later gave birth to their daughter Isla-Rae Bolden in May.

“Coming off testosterone was a rocky road as I had so many hormones going around my body,” Caleb, who works as a store manager, said.



“It was soul-destroying. Transitioning is something I knew I wanted to do from a young age. But I knew for myself and my partner [parenthood] was something we had always wanted, and I wanted to give it a shot.”

“When it’s age-appropriate, I will tell  the relevant information,” he added.

Caleb further shared that he was told he could never get pregnant and that his periods wouldn’t come back as he had been in a transition phase for the past 27 months, but within a month of stopping his medications, his menstrual cycle returned, and in the next six months and three attempts using a sperm donor, he was-pregnant.

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