“Tragic Stabbing: Bengaluru Man Murdered in Front of Mother During Ganesh Festival Altercation”

In a heartbreaking incident in Bengaluru’s Adugodi neighborhood, a 25-year-old man lost his life after a dispute with a group during Ganesh idol immersion festivities, as he was allegedly stabbed to death in front of his mother on Sunday night, as reported by the police.

The authorities have taken eight individuals into custody in connection with the homicide. The victim was identified as Srinivas, a delivery person residing in AK Colony, Adugodi.

According to law enforcement, the incident unfolded around 10 pm on Sunday when Srinivas objected to the blaring music and dancing taking place in front of his residence. A group led by Vinay, one of the arrested individuals, became agitated when Srinivas raised objections to the festivities. In a fit of anger, Vinay and a friend engaged in a dispute with Srinivas and his neighbors, which was initially diffused by local residents.

However, moments later, Vinay returned with his friends and confronted Srinivas, still upset about the music. Despite Srinivas’ mother, Indira, attempting to mediate, the situation turned fatal as he was stabbed with a dagger. Despite being rushed to a nearby hospital, Srinivas was declared dead upon arrival, as confirmed by the police.

The Adugodi police have filed a case of murder. An officer stated that the area had two rival groups, with Srinivas’ group having celebrated the Ganesh festival on September 10. Importantly, there was no known history of rivalry between the groups prior to this tragic incident.

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