The Tragic Titan Submarine

A very shocking incident taken place a deep sea submarine that had been carrying five people on a voyage to the centuries Old wreck of the titanic has been found in pieces After a “catastrophic implosion” The report states that everyone has been killed. the following .incident had been taken place on Thursday and ended up in a multinational “five day” search for titan

The members over included ,where five men abroad, The titan, including the ceo founder, and chief executive officer, Stockton rush, who was piloting the titan

Titan Submarine

The four others were British billionaires and exploder hamishHarding is 58 ,Pakistani born businessman shahzada Dawood age 48 and his 19-year-old son Suleman, both British citizens and french oceanographers and renowned titanic expert Paul Henri nargeolet age 77, who had visited the wreck Dozens of times was not successful in the mission This was a very shocking incident. A renowned Titanic expert a world record holding adventure and two members of one of Pakistan wealthiest family were dead in this tragic research.

The Ancient Times

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