The journey of TBM Vamika achieves a tunneling journey of 17 km

Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) Vamika made a breakthrough on Thursday at Langford Town Station after completing 721 m of tunnelling from Lakkasandra Station. The TBM started its journey earlier on April 21 and had completed 613.2 m between South Ramp and Dairy Circle Underground Station and 743.4 m between Dairy Circle Station to Lakkasandra Station.

With this breakthrough, a total of 17.62 km out of 20.991 km of underground tunnelling is completed in Phase-2, Reach -6 Line, between Kalena Agrahara and Nagawara. Further Nagawara will also connect to the airport stretch as part of Pink line which the officials are hopeful of completing by December 2024.

Out of the nine TBM’s deployed for tunnelling in Reach-6 underground line six TBM’s including Ujra, Varada, Avni, Lavi, Vindhya and Vamika have completed the tunnelling.

With three more TBMs yet to achieve the breakthrough, the tunneling work is expected to be completed only next year.

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