The Great Scape Ride of 2017 by Alisha Jebin, Lady in Pink Jacket

Millennial these days have lot of hobbies and passion onto the paper but how far are they willing to take their passion to the next level. Meet Alisha Jebin (24), Bangalore, currently working for Societe Generale – a French Investment bank. She might look like an average everyday 9-5 worker commuting in the never ending world of Bangalore traffic. What if I told you that she is one of youngest and fastest women on a motorcycle! Yes, there was an article that caught my eye couple of months back about a Bangalore Lady Biker completing 1600+ kms within 24 hours, and later few days back the same news populated across Social media that the Bangalore Lady Biker who took up the challenge was recognized by IBR for the fastest and Longest Kilometers covered by a Women biker in 24hours! The lady was none other than Alisha Jebin. In the fast moving world, Alisha took up the challenge to complete a Saddle Sore attempt which is to record 1600+ Kms in 24 hours on a two wheeler of any sort. 12 June 2017 will always be remembered as she recorded 1662 Kms in 22 hours in a Royal Enfield Thunderbird!.She had become the fastest and youngest women rider to complete 1600+kms in 24 hours beating the existing record. The Ancient Times reached out to Alisha after she was recognized by prestigious India Book of Records. When asked about the motive of the ride and her future plans, she said ” My passion towards riding a Morotcycle came in early in life during my schooling. After I bought my Royal Enfield Thinderbird 350cc in March 2016, every weekend was a ride of 200kms and more. Once read about Chaitra Priya being the only women in India to have covered 1600kms in 24hours, I also wanted to test my endurance level, which took me one step forward in doing the saddle sore challenge. Through the monsoon rains I rode solo in the roads of Bangalore-Pune-Bangalore, through which I learnt to believe in myself better, and a confidence level I never knew I had. I do not have any future plans now. Maybe when my heart says to do it, I’ll just do it :)” Being said that she is all set to conquer what her heart wants, The Ancient times is so happy to interview a young, energetic individual who wants the world to identify her on her passion and we wish Alisha all the best to future endeavors and accolades ahead.

The Ancient Times

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