The doctor who was treating Corona patients in America committed suicide

A doctor treating the Coronavirus in the US has committed suicide. According to the police, he died on Sunday. New York-based doctor Lorna Breen was the medical director of the Emergency Department at Manhattan’s New York-Presbyterian Allen Hospital.

Lorna Breen’s father, Doctor Philip Breen, told the New York Times, “He tried to do his job and that’s what killed him.” Of the 56,000 deaths caused by the coronavirus in the US, 17,500 have occurred only in New York. Coronavirus was infected

Phillip Breen, 49, said his daughter had no mental illness. She died in Charlottesville, Virginia, where she was living with her family. According to Lorraine Breen’s father, she herself became infected while treating patients with the coronavirus. But, after about a week and a half treatment, she returned to work again. However, the hospital sent Lorna Breen back home Doctor Philip Breen said that when he last spoke to his daughter, she looked very different. Lorna had described how Kovid-19 patients are dying. They are dying before being evacuated from the ambulance. Dozens of patients have become infected with the Coronavirus is a 200-bed hospital in Manhattan.

Doctor Lorna’s father told the Times, “She was really distracted while working on the front line. He should be appreciated as a hero. ” According to one newspaper, Doctor Lorna Breen was very close to her family. She loved skiing and salsa dance. She also went to an old age home every week voluntarily.

Police told hero New York-Presbyterian Allen Hospital said in a statement, “Doctor Breen was a hero who set the highest standards for the challenging front-line work of the emergency department.” Confirming the death of Doctor Lorna Breen, the Sherlotsville Police has also honored him in a press release as ‘Hero’. The police department says that on 26th, they received a call for help. Dr. Breen was then taken to a local hospital for treatment “where he died”.

Police Chief Rachel Bracken issued a statement saying, “Health workers and other workers working on the frontline are not untouched by its mental or physical effects in combating the coronavirus.” These people work under very stressful conditions and the coronavirus has increased this stress further. ”

New York accounts for one-third of the million Kovid-19 cases reported from New York. The total population of New York is close to 8 million. On Monday, New York Governor Andrew Kuoma said a random antibody test conducted in New York indicated that a quarter (24.7%) of the population of New York City was infected with the coronavirus

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