The Ancient Times mourn at the loss of the most finest and promising star of Indian cinema sushant singh, Condolences to his friends and family may his soul RIP

Report By Siddiqua Hussain |Bangalore| Last Updated at June 14 2020

His last Instagram post on June 3rd where he was remembering his mother who died during his board exams in 2002. His close friends mention he miss his mother a lot.

By sources, sushant was fighting with depression from past 6 months.

Police found 2 medicine bottles laying on the side table of bed.

Recently His ex manager Disha had also commited sucide on 9th June by jumping from 12th floor building.

Ankitha lokande who was the CO star and ex girl friend of sushant in pavitra rista was shocked to hear the dismiss of sushant and other tv celebs also mourn the loss of tv actor
2020 bought us another shocking loss to tv industry after the dismiss of Wajid khan, Rishi Kapoor and Irfan Khan.

Sushant Singh Rajput
Sushant Singh Rajput

Depression is not a fever, It is a pain hidden under smile.

The Ancient Times

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