Tehsildar in shivamogga raids mining quarry in disguise

Report By Noor Zahira | Mount Carmel College Student Bengaluru | Last Updated at May 03 2019

Tehsildar BN Girish disguised himself as a worker and raided an illegal stone mining quarry on 30th April.

The incident took place at Gejjenahalli village in Shivamogga on the outskirts of the city.

During the raid, two tractors and a JCB were seized and the surveillance process is still on.

The incident also brought to light the other mining incidents happening on agricultural lands illegally.

Prior to this raid Tehsildar had raided several times but the accused got the information due to their strong network of sources and fled the spot several times so to avoid an escape spree this time the tehsildar disguised himself as a labourer .

Girish was appointed as tehsildar on January 17 and since then he has been conducting several raids to put the illegal stone and sand mining to a halt and he realised that this was a serious issue since he had started receiving many calls from unknown people regarding information on various mining.

During this raid the Gejjenahalli miners realised that he was a Tehsildar only when he started questioning. So far, Girish has raided four quarry’s and attempts to raid few more so as to put a permanent halt on these illegal activities in the taluk.

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