SurTaal festival on Third Day.

Anjana welfare society online Art festival SurTaaL going on third day of this festival guest were Kathak exponent smt .Nalini Jain and a young kathak artist Mayukh Bhattcharya
Joined the panel and discuss about art and artists .
Smt. Nalini malhotra jain, a kathak exponent, of Jaipur Gharana, empanelled with ICCR, and an A grade artist of Doordarshan.
Founder director of kala kunj, a cultural organisation dedicated to the cause of promoting classical arts amongst the younger generation. An NIE dance expert, a choreographer and a Guru. She has spent around four decades in the field of dance
And Mayukh Bhattacharya performed in this festival aswell,
He performed a very beautiful piece on shanker, after he started Teen Taal based Tihayi -Tukde
He performed beautifully synchronised movements beautiful hastak and Very sharp footwork with Takit or ginti ke tihayi.
Medhya student of Nipa Performed a lord krishna vandana.
Anjana Welfare Society doing great job in the field of Art and Culture.
Festival supporters are Indian oil, powergrid ,Cred Orbit, Scadoosh online Learning Classes.
Radio partner Big Fm 92.7 and media partner The Ancient Times .

Kathak guru Smt. Nalini Jain

The Ancient Times

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