Strict Action against those Targeting Muslims – CM Yediyurappa

Bengaluru: “If anyone speaks against the Muslims I will take action against them. No one should talk against the Muslims”, said the CM of Karnataka B S Yediyurappa during an interview with a local channel on April 6.

B S Yediyurappa said, “I have called a meeting with all the minority Muslim MLAs and discussed the current issue. They have assured that prayers will not be held in the Mosques. All have agreed to stop the prayers in all the Mosques and inform the community to pray at home. The Muslim community is very well co-operating with us”.

B S Yediyurappa warned those targeting Muslims and said, “I warn those who speak against the Muslims. If a person commits any mistake the entire community is not responsible and should not be blamed. Action will be taken against those who target and speak against the Muslim community”.

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