Report By Richa Poddar | Mount Carmel College Student Bengaluru | Last Updated at May 15 2019

The controversial steel bridge project that was planned
between Hebbal flyover and Basaveshwara circle three years ago which has decided to rejuvenate by the Karnataka

Steel flyover was proposed by Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) as it believed that the flyovers
can solve the problem of traffic jams to the route leading
International airport which is 37Km away from the city.

The ambitious project of 6-lane steel flyover would cost nearly
1,800 crore to the government and the citizens there are not ready to pay and are against it because of the pollution and
water scarcity faced by them as it needs more than 800 trees to
be cut for making steel flyover and which will cause global
warming to the city on high scale.

Bengaluru development minister KJ George announced the cancellation of steel bridge as it has been in a controversy from the day it was devised.

The government, the deputy CM said, it takes more than 45
mins to travel from Basaveshwara circle to international airport
and steel bridge will cut time to 20 mins and will also lay before the public the details and its purpose and benefits and invite their comments.

The announcement evoked criticism from the BJP and also
faced criticism from the opposition leader BS Yeddyurappa and chief minister HD Kumaraswamy as they didn’t approved earlier
when JD(S) was in opposition.

The government is not clear to
design the steel flyover as much larger, elevated corridor plan.

The elevated corridor is itself estimated to cost ’26,000’ crore.

Activists are also fighting against the steel flyover where many trees has cut and it is not making any difference to Bengaluru traffic and only adding problems to it.

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