Shots Fired At MLA Naresh Yadav After Delhi Election Win, Volunteer Killed

New Delhi: AAP MLA Naresh Yadav’s cavalcade was shot at late Tuesday in Delhi’s Kishangarh area by unidentified miscreants during a victory procession in his constituency Mehrauli that he won earlier in the day. One AAP volunteer was killed in the firing and another injured.

The AAP volunteer who died was identified by the party’s Mehrauli team as Ashok Mann. The injured volunteer, identified only as Harinder, has been admitted in hospital and is believed to be out of danger.

While Yadav was not available for an official comment, party sources said he was perturbed by the incident. Yadav is safe, the sources added.

An FIR has been filed but no arrests have been made so far, a Delhi Police source said.

According to the source, Yadav was on his way home with some of his close associates who were following his vehicle in two separate cars. When his car stopped at a red light in the area near Fortis hospital, miscreants, who were in another car, opened fire at them.

The miscreants too were inside a car. They fired several rounds at the cars. The MLA was saved as the bullet did not hit his car but the one behind,” the source said.

“The bullet pierced through the rear windshield of that car and hit the volunteer sitting on the rear seat. He died, while another one was injured,” the source added.

According to the police, the miscreants managed to escape from the spot.

A PCR call was made by the AAP volunteers, who also rushed the injured to the hospital.

The Delhi Police source told ThePrint that it appeared to be a case of “personal enmity”.

“It appears to be a case of personal enmity as the person who has died was involved in a criminal case. It could well be a case of gang rivalry and not related to the election,” he said.

“It is also a possibility that the men came for Naresh Yadav but did not know which car he was sitting in before they opened fire. We are exploring all angles,” the source added.

A police team has reached the spot and is recording the statements of the other AAP volunteers who witnessed the firing. The police are also looking to get footage from CCTV cameras in the area.

Naresh Yadav defeated the BJP’s Kusum Khatri by 9,000 votes in the Delhi assembly election for which results were declared Tuesday.

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