She isn’t human she is piece of art

She isn’t human she is piece of art with a heart the topic for next episode of Rhythm 5 joined by India’s women from different backgrounds.
Aim to bring this topic Maya kulshreastha founder of this organisation and a renowned kathak Dancer said this topic should bring into notice that in this time if you will talk about women’s rights then people will start screeming you are a feminist,
In this chat show four women from different background were invited Ms.Prerona Bhuyan
Sattriya Dance Exponent, from Assam, Ms. Shabana Dagar, President of Ustad Imamuddin khan dagar society and a renowned art curator, and social worker from Jaipur, Ms. Geetika Vedika, actress, writer
Ankita Singh, a visual Impaired but a successful working women .
So this sesion divided into two slots first one personal, second one was social so Maya raised questions about different social issues and pros and cons of #Metoo Campaign
Then participants shows their different aspects.
Shabna Dagar said ‘some time it’s also misuse too so don’t dare to play this word. it should be use at right place. Prerona added why women should hide if something wrong happened or happening with her?
Geetika being a writer said we should not tolerate any defamation word for us. We all should know about rights.
Ankita said right time is necessary otherwise people don’t take it seriously.
So message of this show was women’s should make herself strong then only somone can help her.
This art festival is supported by UNESCO New Delhi, Indian oil, Government of Nagaland and Nirmala Foundation. And media partner is the ancient times

Ankita singh
Geetika Vedika
Prerona Bhuyan

The Ancient Times

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