Security Forces Avert Pulwama-like Incident, Intercept Car With 60kg Explosives

By: Nandika Chand |Srinagar, Kashmir |Last Updated May 28, 2020

In a late night operation, security forces in South Kashmir’s Pulwama district averted a 2019-like suicide bombing of a CRPF bus in which 40 soldiers were matryed. The Kashmir Police confirmed that a joint team of security forces intercepted a car loaded with 60kg explosives.

Inspector General of Police Vijay Kumar said a white Hyundai Santro car caught their attention when it failed to stop at a checkpoint and sped away through the barricade. He said the security forces opened fire. “The driver managed to escape, leaving behind a car laden with IED,” Kumar said. “We got intelligence about a possible attack.” The IG revealed that they had been looking for this vehicle since yesterday. He said security forces fired at the car, but the driver escaped into the jungle.

“The explosives were being carried in a drum on the rear seat of the Santro car which had a fake registration plate,” the senior officer said. The vehicle was exploded in situ by the Bomb Disposal Squads. Police said moving the vehicle would have been very dangerous. The vehicle’s registration number has been traced to a scooter issued in Kathua district, a province in Jammu.

J&K Police suspect Waleed Bhai, a notorious bomb maker with the Jaish-e-Mohammed terror group, to be behind this incident. A senior officer said the car bomb exemplifes that the line between terror groups was only notional since they were working closely. He said they increasingly moved from one group to another.

Officer Rayees Mohammad Bhat, with Kashmir Police, lauded the security forces. “Imagine if this had led to loss of lives. Just grateful this is not mixed in with human ash,” he said. Bhat has also shared a 9-second video, on Twitter, of what he described as the “ashfall” from the explosion.

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