Security Agencies Caution Against Pakistani Scholarships To 1,600 Kashmiri Students, Tactic To Incite Against India

Report By: Nandika Chand | Last Updated June 11, 2020

Indian intelligence and security agencies have cautioned against Pakistani scholarships to 1,600 Kashmiri students. Security officials warned that this was part of a larger plan by Pakistan to radicalise young Kashmiri youths.

Earlier this year, the Pakistani government decided to reward scholarship for professional programs to India Occupied J&K students. This decision was made in response to the abrogation of J&K’s special status and curfew.

A senior J&K police officer said this could be a tactic to incite the Kashmiris against India. “There have been some instances where young Kashmiris crossed the border via Wagah-Attari border post to study, and returned through the Line of Control (LOC) as terrorists,” he said. According to the police data, the officer said about 150 Kashmiris are enrolled in medical and engineering courses in Pakistan and occupied territories. “It was ascertained that students who were proceeding to Paksitan on student visas were either relatives of ex-militants or relatives of families of active militants who had indulged in various anti-national activities and had migrated to Pakistan or they were known to Hurriyat leaders.”

The NIA had earlier said that there is a triangular nexus, wherein, the terrorists, the Hurriyat and the Pakistan establishment are the three vertices. It explained that the they are ostensibly patronising the Kashmir students in order to prepare a generation of doctors and technocrats in the valley who will have leanings towards Pakistan.

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