Bangalore: Mr. Sunil Ejaria Social worker from Huligi, town in Koppal district along with his other friends Punith (Hiriyur), Manjunath Matt (Gangavathi), Srinivasa (Pavagad), Santhosh (Hubli) have been belligerent for the 2nd set uniform tender cancelation which was called by State Government of Karnataka as part of SarvaShiksha Abhiyan (SSA) Program funded through School Development and Monitoring Committee account (SDMC).

As part of this SSA program every child has been provided two sets of school uniform, one been sponsored by Government and other to be obtain from outside. Earlier the cost of each 2ndset uniform was Rs.200/-, but with inadequate quality and irregular sizes across the state. Recent tender was called on 7th June and last day for submission was on 14th June. As the tender was called for other states too, local self-employed worker like garment, tailors, faced challenges in having stabled job.

Mr. Sunil and team had extensively taken effort to do something for the Society. Hence, he had started protesting and taken up with, Education Minister of Karnataka Mr. N. Mahesh, and through him this matter got pushed forward to Karnataka Chief Minister Shri. Kumaraswamy.

Both had taken these on 22nd June Cabinet meeting and got decided to cancel this tender.

By this nearly 4 lakhs of people will get self-employment opportunity. as per Mr. Sunil “nearly Rs.20 Crores would be reduced if we have materials supply & garments factories.

Children will be getting Right size uniform at Rs.300/-”. also he added very happy “we 4 lakh people are really thankful to our Chief Minister Shri. Kumaraswamy and Education minister Mr. N. Mahesh for welcoming our decision.”

We need to wait and see if the children’s get the right sized uniform on right cost by the right employers.

Reported by: PRESENTA & SIRISHA @ Bangalore

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