SC, ST people enters Anjaneya Swamy temple with police protection

Some people belonging to Scheduled Caste and Tribes of Huvinahalli village in Surpura taluk of the district entered the temple of Anjaneya Swamy at Amalihala village with police protection on Saturday as the upper community people in Amalihal village denied them entry into the temple.

According to a press release issued by the district police, Shivaputra Badiger and Bhimappa Badiger from Hosahalli submitted a petition at Kembhavi police station that Sangana Gouda and Raju Gouda belonging to the upper caste prevented the people belonging the SC/ST from entering Anjaneya Swamy temple of Amalihal village to offer pooja.

Superintendent of Police C B Vedamurthy said on receipt of information, he held a peace meeting with the residents of both villages on Friday. Prohibitory orders under Section 144 of CrPC was clamped in both villages to maintain law and order. Along with police security, Bhimappa Badiger and others entered the temple and offered pooja. Assistant commissioner of Yadgir and social welfare department officer were present on the occasion, he old.

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