Sayed Naseer known as Akash Satyajit by his Professional name in (Kannada film Industry)

Report By Annie Mathew | Bengaluru | Last Updated at April 8 2020

Akash is An aspiring and Emerging Actor from the shadows of his supporting Father ( Actor Satyajit) who is a well known Indian Film Actor who has done more than 650 movies since 1982 in his Entire career. His First debute Movie was In Hindi (ANKUSH) In Bollywood with Nana Pathekar As a Villian.

Actor Akash satyajit has done his B.COM Qualification from Presidency college in the year 2008 and also has done his Film Making course from Mumbai film institute and worked/assisted under number of Big directors and Cinematographers.

His Focus on his skills where always on Top such as Commitment and Motivation to youth, Learn and Teach ,Ability to work Independently, Creative and Cultural Inteligence.

Also Inspite of his busy schedule he always kept his Health and Fitness, Family on Top Priority.
He always believed in intense method Acting. Also said That the most important thing which an actor should always have a courage to follow and portray the presence on screen. He understood very early being an Actors son he has to be ready by all the needed skills for an Actor and Trained before getting into films.

Ambareesh with Satyajit & Akash

His belives and hardwork lead him a successfull person.
Acting was always been his dream since childhood,acting was always Inspiring looking at his Father. It’s a passion, a dream which he always wanted to make it come true.

He is also working in couple of Tamil movies which he is looking forward to them which he calls it as expectation Movies of his carrier. Actor says he has really put an effort on such films, because those are challenging roles for him and he had to prove his character and do justice for such type of roles in the film.

Akash with Iniya

Akash Surprised Many by landing his 1st Debute Role in ‘TABBALLI’ which was very heavy subject.

Some of his Notable movies where (TABBALLI) (SHAMBO MAHADEV) (DONE) And (CHAKRAM )which was release in the year 2010, 2013 , 2016 ,2017
The young Actor Akash is likely looking Acceptance in Kollywood too.
Has also worked with Notable stars like
Ambrish, Dodanna, Avinash, Shobraj, Girija Lokesh, Devraj, Sadu Kokila

Akash satyajit, also use his social media handles to keep his fans and followers updated on his professional projects.
His (Instagram Id as ) naseersayed

Actor Akash satyajit also has two siblings a Sister who is a pilot in Indigo Airlines and Brother who is a proffessional Skater .

Beside his Acting Proffession Akash satyajit also has his successfull Buisness In Bangalore.

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