Report By Annu Kumari | Mount Carmel College Student Bengaluru | Last Updated at May 21 2019

KEDARNATH prime minister Narendra Modi drapped a saffron Shawal meditating in Modi cave .

After PM ‘s trip to Kedarnath for completing all prayers and religious rituals .. the other side of Modi sharing a relaxing picture goes viral showing him meditating in his cave for 17 hours on Saturday.
One of the two caves near the ancient shrine which are fitted with attached toilet and other needed facilities is now available for people to pay 990 for per night stay , booking through Garhwal mandal Vikas Nigam ( GMVN) .
Cave situated in 1.5 kilometres of the shrine , a small window that give a clear view to shrine .
Another cave named Rudra ia also a part of the caves area which was PM Narendra Modi’s Brainchild who wished to see a meditation cave of pilgrims going to be the revered shrine .
Modi at the cave spent 17 hours on Saturday completely isolated with meditation looking out at the temple.
However not Rudra cave did not attracted many tourists.

After its inauguration last year due to lack of resources and bad climate changes and conditions.

Which made the change in price of rents for 3000 and could be booked for only 3 days only
After the rental went down up to 990 per night made people visit the caves.
Well not two caves there are five more caves down in a row to get ready .

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