Rohingyas staying illegally should be shot dead: BJP MLA

HYDERABAD: Rohingya Muslims and Bangladeshis living illegally in India should be shot dead if they do not leave the country, said BJP MLA from Goshamahal Assembly constituency Raja Singh.

He is known for his hardcore Hindutva remarks. He spoke on this issue as the matter was being raised in Parliament on Tuesday.

In a statement in Hindi, Raja Singh said, “Rohinyga Muslims vapas unke raj me or vapas unke desh me bhej ne ka avshyakatha hai. Bharat desh me aise keedo makudo ko rakne ka avashyakta nahee hai. Main prarthana kartha hu kendra sarkar se ki inko bahar bheje. Jo bi Rohyingayas aur Bangladeshi vapas nahi jata, unko goli marna hai,” he said.

In another statement, Raja Singh said there are many Rohingya Muslims living illegally in Hyderabad, especially in the Assembly constituencies of MIM MLAs in Old City. He alleged that they were being financially supported by MIM MLAs.

“Rohingya Muslims are terrorist supporters. CM K Chandrasekhar Rao and Union home minister Rajnath Singh should sent them out of the country if Telangana and the rest of India want to remain safe. If not, they will become a headache and threat to the country,” he said.

A week ago, reacting to the lynching incident in Rajasthan, he indirectly justified it saying these would continue till cow slaughtering was not stopped in the country.

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