Robbers loot Rs 18.5 lac from ATM cash loaders in Bengaluru, one injured

Bengaluru, Oct 31: Two bike-borne men robbed Rs 18.5 lac from a private agency staffer who was loading cash at an ATM kiosk near Jalahalli Cross here on Monday, October 31.

Police said that the incident happened at 6.30 am on Monday morning at ICICI ATM kiosk. The ATM kiosk is just 300 metres away from Rockline Mall.

As per details available, three staff members of the agency named ‘Secure Well Security Services’ identified as Sagar, Mohan and Prasanna, had gone to Jalahalli Cross ICICI ATM to load cash. They were followed by the bike-borne duo and then waited near the ATM.

After the cash carrying van stopped outside the ATM, Mohan and Prasanna went inside the ATM kiosk to open the machine. When Sagar got down with the cash bag, he was attacked by the two who tried to snatch the bag from him. Sagar resisted, but was stabbed on the chest, shoulder, and legs. By the time Mohan and Prasanna came to his rescue, the duo had fled with the cash.

Police said that there was no gunman in the van, which is mandatory as per rules.

Injured Sagar is recovering in a hospital. As per Sagar’s statement, the two men were aged between 25 and 30 years and had covered their faces with helmet.

The Bagalagunte police have formed a separate team to nab the miscreants.

Police said the agency had brought Rs 1.25 crore in cash to replenish five ATM kiosks. Sagar had taken Rs 18.5 lac in a bag to replenish the Jalahalli Cross ATM when the incident took place.

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