Rhythm Dance festival is setting an example of culture Diversity.

Rhythm Dance festival is setting an example of culture Diversity.
Maya kulshreastha.
Youth festival Rhythm Edition 5 is going to organise under the banner of Anjana Welfare Societyis in Partnership with UNESCO & Government of Nagaland.
Maya Kulshreastha is a renowned kathak artist, she is founder of Anjana Welfare Society.
Said ‘Youth should aware of their culture then only our Country will grow.
So we following our roots our culture, Through Rhythm we are inviting youth from different countries and they are performing all 9 forms of classical Dances of India.
We are promoting Guru shishya parampara too.
The President of Anjana Welfare Society
Manish Kulshrestha added the fact of Culture and its impact on the communities it is a beautiful, multi-faceted entity which gives strength, identity and purpose to its people, explore the reasons why we emphasise obtaining a true insight into the culture.
Young artist are joining this platform from all over world, let’s meet some new faces of Indian Art and culture.
Riya Naphade
Maharashtra ((INDIA)
I see dance in everything. Dance is an integral part of my life and I am very passionate about it. Rhythm virtual youth Festival.

Aishwarya R, Bengaluru
in dance our purpose is to express emotions, communicating physically allowing the feelings to move through the body,out of the body.
Dance has been playing a major role through my life.
Through Rhythm edition 5 I am able to connect arts lovers from all over world.

Samridhhi Mitra Bangalore,
Every artist and art lover knows about Rhythm youth festival it is one of the biggest youth festival of the world. For me it is
A big achievement is a perfect chance to us
Namya Aggarwal, Delhi
To perforom in Rhythm youth festival means a lot because a prestigious Platefo like Rhythm performing solo.

Maitri Bhatt from Delhi , saying this platform for classical arts is wonderful ,young artists always get exposure
This festival is supprted by UNESCO New Delhi, Indian oil, Nrimala Foundation, Nagalend state.

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