Return to Professional Tennis Circuit Is A Long Way Off: Roger Federer

Report By Nandika Chand | Kashmir Srinagar | Last Updated at May 25 2020

The prospect of playing or competing withoue spectators doesn’t appeal to Federer.

Sports, in particular the professional tennis circuit will not return for a while due to the continuing novel coronavirus pandemic. Roger Federer revealed he is not training because he doesn’t see a reason for doing so. The world’s number 1 believes that the return of the tour is a long way off.

Yesterday (Sunday) would have marked the first day of the French Open. In March, it was rescheduled for September. Wimbleton which was to take place in July was also called off.

The prospect of playing or competing withoue spectators doesn’t appeal to Federer. “Most of the time when we are training, there is no one. For us, of course, it is possible to play if there are no fans. But on the other hand, I really hope the circuit can return as it normally has,” the 20-time grand slam champion said.

Federer is active on social media than ever before and this is attributed to the lockdown. His tweet in April ignited a public discussion on merging of the men’s and women’s tours.

Unlike the 38-year-old, Rafael Nadal has resumed training. The world no. 2 in men’s single tennis would have been favored to win a 20th major and tie Federer had the French Open been played as usual. Nadal has collected a record 12 titles at Roland Garros.

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