Red Alert for Delhi

Yamuna may touch 208 metere red alert for delhi

Delhi rains : government has made all arrangements for relief Kejriwal says

Kejiriwal also assured that the Delhi government has made ask the arrangements in the relief camps , including food toilets and other basic necessities 

“The camps have been set up in 6 districts….. Delhi govt has made necessary arrangements for relief . Many relief camps have been made, all the DM’s have also been told that if needed, nearby schools and Dharamshala should be acquired “

Kejriwal lauded the hello that the officials were receiving from the NGO’s and gurudwaara who were providing langar “this is the time to help each other he stated

PLEASE EVCUATE : Kejriwal appeals to people in Delhi’s flood – prone areas 

As Yamuna water level is expected to breach the 208 meter mark by Thursday morning

The Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal requested people to evacuate from low lying and vulnerable areas saying “ lives are most important “

The Delhi cm also chaired an emergency meeting on Wednesday with ministers.

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