Report By Annie Mathew | Bengaluru | Last Updated at April 17 2020

The shutdown of KR Market and upsetting in trading have led to crash in wholesale vegetable prices in Bengaluru but retail prices seem to vary in different areas.

Costs of some vegetables have crashed in retail markets too though some vendors have held ground. Tomato prices have come down from Rs 20 to Rs 10 per kg. Beetroot is sold at Rs 30, brinjal Rs 30, carrot Rs 30 among others.

The price varies from one to another. For occasion, potato rates in gayatrinagar have remained at Rs 30 kg while consumers in neighbouring Malleswaram have to pay Rs 40 kg while prices have gone up by Rs 10 kg to Rs 40.

Kalasipalyam wholesale vegetable traders association President Anand giri said the shutdown of KR market had dealt a major blow as half the trading has come down. A far away for majority of vegetables and many sellers and farmers have also stopped bringing their produce but still there is no negative impact.

Federation of Farmer Association president kurubur shanthakumar said the state and union governments are only thinking about those who consume. The relief given to farmers to transport the effect of no use as the market has crashed. In adding to this, there is a cost of transportation.

Secretary of Bengaluru onion and potato traders, C udayashankar said the horticulture department has been trying to help the cost gaps but they cannot help fall in demand.

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