Rapist baba’s hidden secrets out, tunnel linking women’s hostel discovered inside the Dera premises of the jailed rapist baba, Gurmeet Singh, on Saturday found an illegal explosive factory.

In yet another sensational development, the security forces, busy carrying out search operations inside the Dera premises of the jailed rapist baba, Gurmeet Singh, on Saturday found an illegal explosive factory.

Police have already recovered a large cache of sophisticated weapons, AK 47 rifles, petrol bombs and many other fire-arms from the rapist baba’s sprawling ashram, spread over 600 acres.

The government spokesperson, Satish Mishra said that two secret tunnels were also found inside the rapist baba’s ashram linking his private residence to a women’s hostel. Other tunnel opened around 5 km away from the ashram, which was possibly his escape route.

“We found a window-like path leading from Dera Awas to Sadhvi Niwas. Team is investigating,” Mishra was quoted by NDTV.

They also found hundreds of pairs of designers clothes, shoes and colourful caps.

The search operation, which began on Friday, is being conducted with the help of 41 paramilitary companies, 4 army columns, police of 4 districts, 1 SWAT team and one dog squad.

They also reportedly recovered over 80 cartons of explosives from the Dera. The officials involved in the search operation have sealed the factory while the forensic experts from IIT Roorkee have begun examining the the evidence.

Singh was recently convicted for raping several women, mostly his followers staying inside the Dera. He’s been sentenced for raping two women, who he raped repeatedly 18 years ago inside what was called gufa.

His sentencing had triggered a large-scale of violence as his supporters burned public and private properties worth crores. At least 38 people were killed and more than 250 injured. An Angry Punjab and Haryana High Court had then directed the Manohar Lal Khattar administration to attach the rapist baba’s properties to compensate the losses caused by his supporters.

Friday’s search is taking place at the behest of Punjab and Haryana High Court, which has also asked retired sessions judge A K S Panwar to submit a detailed report on the Dera in a sealed cover on the next date of hearing, reported Indian Express. The 700-acre walled compound will be sanitised by state machinery Panwar’s supervision.

The rapist baba, meanwhile remains in jail as police continue to look for his so-called adopted daughter, Honeypreet Singh, with whom he allegedly had frequent sexual encounters.

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