Ramadan and the treats it brings along: An Insight into the Ramadan Food Mela at Koramangala

Report By Noor Zahira | Mount Carmel College Student Bengaluru | Last Updated at May 19 2019

Ramadan is upon us and we’ve been rushing to the streets of Shivajinagar and Commercial for shopping , to Mosque road and Koramangala for food and the neighbourhoods of Frazer town, Tilak nagar , Russell Market for their late night tea stalls and meat treats.

People with or without faith, in freshly ironed kurtas and sparkles of Surma on the waterline, gather, move and make merry as the street becomes a fuming, thriving, bustling entity teasing with food-gasmic pleasures.

It is that time of the year again when the Ramadan food stalls are up and the charm of the long iftar food trails is to brave crowded streets and satisfy your cravings which is totally worth it, however , this time it comes with an additional convenience to its customers and that is the Digital payment interface.

Walking down the Ramadan food mela hosted by Hotel Empire International welcome’s people with the smell of spiced meat and Haleem. The mela has a variety to offer and are not only more varied, but they are also there for the long haul and feel more authentic.
The mela has a variety to offer and are not only more varied, but they are also there for the long haul and feel more authentic.

Without further ado let me be more practical and mention the highlights of this mela.

I mostly romanced with seafood and chicken, the grilled variety. A few bites of dessert and sweet did justice to spiciness of meat.

A few bites of dessert and sweet did justice to spiciness of meat.

A list of my favourite restaurants from the food Mela are :

  1. The Empire counter

  2. The pista house for their haleem and Shami

  3. Sultan biryani for their amazing shaadi ki biryani and seafood

  4. Pathar gosht stall for different types of meat

  5. Fresh bites for spicy pubg chicken

  6. Be real- juice counter for its real and authentic food and for their tandoor momos

  7. HKGN rolls stall for their unique taste seekh kababs

  8. M.K Lassi stall for their delectable sweets

The start of the mela has an Empire counter of its best mocktails ranging from blue lemonade to their all-time favourite Arabian pulpy grape inclusive of the different falooda too, the extension of the stall had sweets like Shahi tukda and rasmalai.

Moving ahead one will find a long counter by Empire which has everything ranging from chicken liver, seekhs, fish frys to coin parotas,bheja-fry and every thing you can imagine.This is the only counter which has

This is the only counter which has Paya-Roti combo which is one of my favourite items.

The next best thing was to see a woman entrepreneur manage her stall of haleem by the name The Pista House Haleem along with her son, we have Zahera with her son Sabith for you bangaloreans.

The next counter was better off as a digester catalyst because it served the brands famous drink “The Cumin drink”. Yes we are talking about

Yes we are talking aboutBe Real” who already are an international brand and are here for a little more publicity to the already famous brand.

Their extension had Tandoor momos which for momos lover was very unique because most of us have tried either steamed or fried momos but these char grilled tandoor momos were a big hit.

Following this was the Fresh Bites counter who had the scrumptious spicy Pubg Chicken made by their best chef Mr Mushtaq, which is as tasty and tempting like the game.

The next counter by the name Dine-In had all authentic Kerala cuisine and their star dish was the Shah Jahan biryani made from jeera -samba rice which is one of the most expensive rice grown in south India.

Looking at a crowded stall I wondered what they were selling only to realise that it was the Sultans Biryani Counter which were selling the famous Shaadi ki Biryani both mutton and chicken.

The shop is run by Mr Jeelan who is going to start his shop 200m down the mela after Ramadan.

Their biryani, the saucy chicken, the chat masala topped prawns were mouth-watering and a treat to return for.

The next shop has Pathar Gosht which literally means “Meat on stone”.

This shop is run by the head chef who is all dressed like an afghani and the different meat you get is Camel, Emu,Chicken and Mutton.

It was surprising how the meat becomes so tender and moist on the stone, seeing something getting cooked on a stone was no less than a circus feat.

Patthar ka Gosht demands undivided attention by a first timer at the Ramadan food festival in Bangalore.

Last tour to the desserts was a must since I have a sweet tooth and I saw myself eating irresistibly at the M.K Lassi Stall this stall run by Mr Zaeem is the top dessert pick for most of the customers and it was for me too. Their speciality is the

Their speciality is the Ajooba goli which has three layers , the outer covering has Khova followed by Rasgulla and then filled with pink strawberry fluid. Their permanent branch is near the Lal Masjid in Shivaji Nagar.

These eateries have enough to make your Iftaar outing count and here’s a tip before you venture out next week to enjoy the full treats and Do not forget about these before you head out to eat :

  • Do carry your eco-friendly kit (water bottles, steel straws) to help save namma city from the plastic menace. Even though the vendors clear it up diligently early morning. Make it a point to do your bit.

  • Also, if you are a hygiene freak you may want to stay away from this mass hysteria! Especially when heavens open up and decide to pour on the city!

  • If you love fish, stick to selfish only. Only a handful of places serve good quality fish, make sure to find one!

  • Only visit once the prayers are over because your chefs are fasting for the entire day and they get to be doing their iftar first.

  • The later at night you visit, the calmer the streets you find and easy to move.

  • Ask for the price before you buy something.

Do visit and let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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