Rajasthan High Court Bar Association, Jaipur Cancels Membership Of 2 Advocates

The High Court Bar Association of Rajasthan, Jaipur has cancelled the membership of Adv. Goverdhan Singh and Adv. Prameshwar Lal Pilania with immediate effect. The Bar Association has separately made a request to the Bar Council of Rajasthan to conduct an inquiry against the aforesaid two advocates within a period of two months and cancel the registration of the two advocates.

Notably, Adv. Govershan Singh had posted a video on social media alleging the involvement of Justice Narendra Singh Dhaddha‘s Usher in taking bribe from an Advocate.

aforesaid decision was taken on the grounds of tarnishing the image of the court, contempt of court, for getting registered by concealing the facts of pending criminal cases, publishing alleged fake video and viral messages to gain cheap publicity and in order to fulfil their sick selfishness as well as to gain political benefit under the garb of the noble profession of advocacy.
The Bar Association, in its Office Order, stated that it has received around 100 complaints from the members of the Bar against the aforesaid advocates on 20.04.2022 and around 50 representations on 29.04.2022.

On the basis of complaints received, resolution passed in the meeting and on the information received from the Bar, the Association stated that both the advocates astonishingly made a video viral on Facebook and WhatsApp by forcefully giving Rs. 100/- to the Usher in the Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur premises. Moreover, the Association stated that they made indecent written statements on social media by calling themselves freedom fighter Bhagat Singh.

Further, the Association also added that if any demand for bribe is made to the advocate, then the complaint for the same is to be made either before the authorities of Rajasthan High Court or to the Rajasthan High Court Bar Association, Jaipur. However, as per the Office Order, no such complaint was made by the two advocates and instead a viral video was circulated by them to gain cheap publicity as well as to fulfil their malicious intent. Such action of the two advocates was indecent, immoral and condemnable, added the Bar Association.
The office order of the Association added that both the advocates made indecent behaviour during the course of hearing with the Hon’ble Judge and the other advocates. The Office Order mentioned that in order to get a favourable order, the two advocates made false allegations against the advocates appearing for the other side and created unnecessary pressure on the Judge for recusal. The Rajasthan High Court Bar Association strongly condemns such action, added the Office Order.

Hearing Before The Court

Justice Narendra Singh Dhaddha of the Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur on Wednesday withdrew the interim protection from arrest granted to Advocate Goverdhan Singh in case pertaining to misbehaviour with a female police officer, observing that the adjournment sought by the petitioner has apparently not been bona fide.
Appearing in person, Singh submitted that Justice Dhaddha’s bench cannot hear since its Usher was involved in taking bribe. He also sought an adjournment from the court on the ground that a letter for transfer of these matters has been submitted before the before the Chief Justice and that the respondent/s have not filed reply till the date of hearing.

“I have heard learned counsel for the petitioner as well as learned Public Prosecutor and learned counsel for the respondent/s. Adjournment sought by the learned counsel for the petitioner, does not seem to be bona fide, so interim protection given to the petitioner/s by this Court is withdrawn,” the Judge ordered.

Essentially, the case pertains to an incident of 2020 wherein Singh had allegedly misbehaved with a female police officer on duty and also alleged to have made caste-based remarks on her. As per the police, an FIR was registered at the Police Station, Sadar, District Jaipur West, Jaipur under different sections of Indian Penal Code and SC/ST Act.

In furtherance, the advocate approached the Rajasthan High Court alleging that the allegations levelled in FIR are on account of personal vindictiveness of the respondent. In this regard, on 07.04.2020, the High Court provided interim relief to the petitioner and stated that no coercive steps shall be taken against the petitioner in the aforesaid FIR.

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