The Commissioner’s Task Force, East Zone Team, Hyderabad City along with police Begum Bazar conducted raid on godown at Hindi Nagar, Goshamahal, Hyderabad and apprehended its owner and worker and on the lead conducted raids on manufacturing units at Jeedimetla, Medchal Dist and Charlapally and apprehended their owners. who were indulging in manufacturing and supplying of duplicate Tea Powders on the name of CHAKRA GOLD, RED LABEL, 3 ROSES and spurious Coconut hair oil on the brand name of PARACHUTE COCONUT OIL and misleading the innocent customers and making believe that they are original products of the branded companies.
Sl.No. Name of the accused persons
1. Pukhraj Purohit, age 27 yrs, Occ: Business, R/o Opp Police grounds, Goshamahal, Shahinayathgunj, Hyderabad.
2. Rakesh Jain, age 42 yrs, occ: Business, R/o Opp LIG Park, Barkatpura, Hyderabad.
3. Mahaveer Jain @ Rahul, age 36 yrs, Occ: Business, R/o Near Jain Temple, Chaitanyapuri, Hyderabad.
4. Gewar Ram, age 25 yrs, Occ: General & Grocery items Supplier, R/o Hindi Nagar, Goshamahal, Shahinayathgunj, Hyderabad, N/o Dargada (V), Barmar Dist, Rajasthan State.
5. Mishra @ Singla of Jain marketing in Delhi (Absconding)
6. R.K.Gupta of Jain marketing of Delhi (Absconding)

1. Duplicate Chakra Gold Tea powder – 32 Cartons (each carton containing 96 boxes, each box wg 250 gms of Rs.138/-)
2. Duplicate Red label Tea Powder – 70 cartons (each carton containing 48 boxes, each box wg 250 gms of Rs.110/-)
3. Duplicate 3 Roses Tea Powder – 30 cartons (each carton containing 48 boxes, each box wg 250 gms of Rs.140/-)
4. Loose Tea Powder – 25 Bags (each bag wg 33 kgs)
5. Empty packing sheets of Tea Powder of various brands – 25,000 pieces
6. 02-Heat Guns
7. One Weighing machine
8. Spurious Parachute coconut oil – 58 cartons (each carton containing 100 bottles, each bottle wg 175 ml of Rs.69/-)
9. Empty Duplicate Parachute Bottles – 1800 Pcs of 250 ml.
10. 02-Full Barrels of Spurious Coconut oil
11. Spurious coconut oil filling machine.
12. Parachute bottles sealing machine.
13. Duplicate Surf Excel Detergent Powder – 9 bags (each bag containing 720 sachets)
14. Duplicate Clinic plus shampoo – 8 boxes (each box containing 920 sachets)
15. Duplicate Sunsilk shampoo – 16 boxes (each box containing 920 sachets)
16. Duplicate VIM Dishwash gel – 21 pieces
17. Duplicate Medimix soaps – 200 pieces
18. Duplicate Head & Shoulder shampoo – 4 boxes (each box containing 504 sachets)
19. Duplicate Tide Detergent powder – 4 bags (each bag containing 750 sachets)
20. Duplicate Ariel Detergent powder – 2 bags (each bag containing 750 sachets)
21. Duplicate Tide Detergent powder – 1 bag containing 100 packets of 1 kg each.

During the interrogation Pukhraj Purohit confessed that, he is native of Rajasthan State and residing at Goshamahal, Shahinayathgunj, Hyderabad since 10 years. 5 years back he used to supply cosmetics, stationery, safety pins and other general items in Begum Bazar area. In this process he met with one Rakesh Jain who collects scrap from the vendors at Begum Bazar and transports it to his scrap shop at Jeedimetla, Medchal Dist. In this process they both gradually developed friendship. One year back they both discussed about their insufficient meagre earnings. They both hatched a plan to earn easy money illegally by manufacturing and selling duplicate Tea Powder.
According their plan Rakesh Jain set up a manufacturing unit in his scrap shop at Jeedimetla and he started procuring the duplicate packets of the branded tea powders from one person by name Mishra @ Singla of Jain marketing in Delhi, who use to visit his shop at Jeedimetla and supply the said counterfeit packing sheets of Chakra Gold, Red Label and 3 Roses to Rakesh Jain, who procured the sub-standard tea powder in loose from Begum Bazar and pack it in the said duplicate packets and supply it to the Pukhraj Purohit.
Pukhraj Purohit took one godown situated at Hindi Nagar, Goshamahal, Hyderabad on rental basis and appointed one Gewar Ram to supply them to the retail outlets. 6 months back Rakesh Jain introduced one of his relative Mahaveer Jain @ Rahul who was running a spurious coconut oil manufacturing unit at Charlapally by packing the oil in the bottles of branded company name of Parachute Hair oil and selling it to retail outlets.
Mahaveer Jain @ Rahul was earlier involved in a similar case at PS Malakpet in the month of November 2016. He procures duplicate parachute empty bottles from one R.K.Gupta of Jain marketing of Delhi and he procures loose spurious coconut oil from Begum Bazar and he fill the said loose oil in the duplicate empty bottles and supply in the market.
On 08-10-2018 on credible information, the Commissioner’s Task Force, East Zone Team, Hyderabad, apprehended 04-accused persons namely 1) Pukhraj Purohit, 2) Rakesh jain, 3) Mahaveer Jain @ Rahul and 4) Gewar Ram and seized the above said properties from their possession. Efforts are being made to apprehend the absconding accused.

The accused along with seized property were handed over to SHO, Begum Bazar PS, for taking further action against him.

The above arrest was made under the supervision of Sri S.Chaitanya Kumar, Addl. Dy. Commissioner of Police, Commissioner’s Task Force, Hyderabad, Sri K.Srinivas, Inspector of Police, East Zone Task Force, Sri P.Subbaiah, Inspector of Police, PS Begum Bazar and SI’s Sri P.Ramesh, Sri G.Srinivas Reddy and Sri Govindu Swamy, and the staff of East Zone Task Force Team, Hyderabad City.

Addl. Dy. Commissioner of Police,
Commissioner’s Task Force,
Hyderabad City

Mohammed Nisaruddin

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