Rahul reaches out to farmers, says Modi is ‘100% thief’

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday went all out to woo farmers in drought-hit Kolar and Chitradurga while upping the ante against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘crony capitalism’ by saying “the chowkidar is 100% chor.”
Gandhi was addressing the Parivartana rally in the Lok Sabha segments of Kolar and Chitradurga where the Congress has fielded incumbent MPs KH Muniyappa and BN Chandrappa, respectively.
After we announced the Nyay scheme in which 5 crore poor households will get Rs 72,000 yearly, the chowkidar’s face has sulked. They ask, where will the money come from. Modi ji let me tell you, the money will come from your friend Ambani’s pocket,” Gandhi said.
There’s a group of thieves. It’s a team. They take money from your pocket – farmers and small businessmen – and give it to those 15 people,” he said, listing out names of fugitive economic offenders Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi, Vijay Mallya and Lalit Modi. “I’ve a small question – why are all the chors (thieves) named Modi? Nirav, Lalit and Narendra Modi. If you search, more Modis will be found,” he said.
The Congress will remove “fear from the hearts of farmers,” Gandhi said pointing to the party’s manifesto promise of presenting a separate agriculture budget. “The chowkidar has given his thieving friends lakhs of crores of money. If Ambani takes a bank loan and doesn’t repay, he doesn’t go to jail. But if a farmer doesn’t repay, he goes to jail. We’ve said in our manifesto that no farmer can be jailed for non-repayment of loan,” he said.
A separate budget, Gandhi said, will help farmers know what’s in store for them at the beginning of the year itself. “Farmers will know the increase in MSP, the number of loans that will be sanctioned or waived, the technology that will be introduced irrigation facilities, compensation…everything,” he said.
The Lok Sabha election is an ideological fight, he said. “On one side, there’s hatred, anger and injustice. On the other side is love, brotherhood and justice.”
Positioning himself as a friend of the downtrodden as against Modi’s perceived pro-capitalist image, Gandhi accused Modi of indulging in photo opportunity with businessmen. “But have you seen him hug farmers, youngsters or labourers? Modi is the chowkidar of just 15 rich people. He’s their man. But I’m your man, You’ve seen me hug farmers and labourers,” Gandhi said. “I don’t want to be a chowkidar. I want to just listen to your heart.”

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