Rahul Gandhi to overtake violence hit Manipur on June 29-30

The former congress leader will visit the relief camps and interact with civil society, representatives in Imphal and Churachandpur.

New Delhi: the former congress leader, Rahul Gandhi is going to visit violence hit Manipur on June 29 and 30, he will hit the relief camps and is going to have a common interaction with civil society representatives in Imphal and Churachandpurduring his visit according to congress general secretary, KC Venugopal.

Mr Venugopal wrote on Twitter, announcing Gandhi is Manipur visit

“Manipur has been devastated for nearly 2 months. The urgently need of a healing touch so that the society can move from the fights to peace . This is a humanitarian tragedy and it is our foremost responsibility to be more affectionate and take care and not hate.”

The north-eastern state has been hit by an parallel violence in the recent times from may 3 due to the clashes between the plane dwelling Mithai community and the cookie tribe preponderant in the hill districts. The violence so far has claimed more than 110 lives and also resulted in the displacement of several thousands. It’s been a very difficult time for them.

Rahul Gandhi has been critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s” silence” on the situation in Manipur. He feels immensely sad for them “an all party meeting is called when the prime minister is not in the country. It is clear this meeting is not important for the Prime Minister”. Gandhi had tweeted recently.

The all-party meeting on June 24 was chaired by the union home Minister “Amit Shah” with Prime Minister’s absence. This has triggered Gandhi’s party and Gandhi had said it only showed Modi’s cowardice in unwillingness to confront his failures.

Hence, the situation in Manipur continues to grim with violence as per the various sources of the state. A lot of legislations from the state, including those from the BJP have been demanding the resignation of chief minister in Biren singh , accusing him for incompetence and acting in a partial manner.

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