Raghavendra Auradkar- An Unmatched Glory: Unique Status In Police Force

Shri Raghavendra Auradkar is well known for his clean image and widely respected for his gentleman behaviour. He has also earned a lot good name in his earlier postings as SP, DIG, and IGP across Karnataka.He is also the junior most ADGP rank officer to occupy the coveted post of Bangalore Commissioner of Police. Although revolving his service many times controversy did spring up, but Shri Raghavendra Auradkar has stood firm like a rock in a rough sea. Many times there was speculation in the media that he had been targeted for his clean image by either politicians or even his colleagues. This iron man in the police department is well known for taking a stern measure in closing down of over 1000 ATMS which did not have right security guards or even CCTV camera installed. In spite of the banks which asked from the police department to give them some stipulated time to comply with the order, Shri Raghavendra Auradakkar was firm in his views that only banks those comply with the security measures could open the ATMS. This measure was taken by the Bangalore police commissioner then in the year 2013( November). It was a path-breaking law in the Bengaluru city to curb down the security lapses witnessed then across the city and such measures provided safety transactions all over. Known for his leadership quality, Shri Ragvendra Aruadkar is also well known in the country and had been in media speculation for having been transferred with immediate effect by a government notification. He was posted as Additional Director General of Police of Karnataka State Reserve Police in the month of July 2014. The city commissioner then had to face a lot of heat from the media and public for series of rape cases that shook the nation (especially rape of a 6-year old student in a public school). The city police commissioner post was replaced by M N Reddi, the Additional Director General of Police (Law and Order). In the history of arresting the convicts and rapists, Shri Raghvendra had undertaken a master-minded plot to nab the rapist and killer M. Jaishankar in a police raid. The city police commissioner team arrested the convict when he was about to flee to Tamil Nadu in a special vehicle. However, the criminal fell into the trap of police officials and this mission had been a real welcome measure by the Karnataka police to provide a breath a huge relief to citizens of the state. Currently, Shri Raghavendra H Auradkar serves the post of ADGP (recruitment and training), he was also head- in-charge of a panel that looked into the pay revision scales of police personnel in the state. He is a firm believer in the wisdom and ideology followed by many that one has to take up the consistent effort and do hard work to reach the top and maintain the same. He is a firm believer of a wisdom that reminds us that there is no alternative and short-cuts to success. This ADGP feels one must be always respectful to his teachers in his life and remember his contribution made to one’s life. For his simplicity, he is undoubtedly a living proof of noble contributor in the police department. Report By:Pradip Bhatyacharya


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